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About Us

Pacific Palms Tourist is an umbrella site which promotes tourism to the Pacific Palms area. Its main purpose is to connect people to the area through local, state and national marketing programs that create demand for holidays and attract more visitors and thereby more business for our members. 

The marketing programs encompass destination brand development, public relations, social media and on-line marketing. The site is funded by membership fees and on-line advertising and although the site membership is voluntary not all providers in the Pacific Palms area, whether they be in accommodation or activity provision, or the retail/dining sector are members.

Our Story

The need for an independent Pacific Palms Tourist web site was identified by a small group of holiday home owners in early 2016. We realised that no dedicated tourist website existed for the Pacific Palms and surrounding areas which meant no actual independent advertising platform for Holiday Home Owners, Local Businesses and Tourist Operators was available.

As Owners and Managers of our own holiday homes we decided to unite and create a company to develop and operate the web site. In doing this we agreed to pool and share our Intellectual Property, knowledge and skills to create a website that served the tourist market and at the same time support local businesses, tourist operators & holiday home owners while valuing community, relationship building and increasing business to the area.

Potential holiday makers looking for an information site in this area will find the Pacific Palms Tourist web site quite easily and will be pleasantly surprised at the clear and concise design and user-friendly layout.

We hope you find value and enjoy the site as much as we did in creating it!

Our Mission 

Is to build stronger community networks by providing a local website dedicated to promoting holiday homes and local businesses thereby providing all tourists with current activity and event information to enhance the quality of their holiday – prior to and throughout their stay.

Our Vision

Is to increase tourism to the mid-coast region.

Our Values

We value Community, Integrity and Relationships.

Our Objectives

Are very clear: 

  • Increase tourism to the mid-coast region;
  • Provide quality and up to date information to tourists; and
  • Support local businesses and accommodation venues.

Special Thanks

We would like to acknowledge the invaluable technical assistance given to us in the development of the Pacific Palms Tourist web site by Sharon Parry from Basic Data Solutions and Norris Ingrisch from Flybox Visual Communications and highly recommend their services for anyone attempting to build web sites for their businesses.

Our Team

Debe Brassey has been living in the Pacific Palms area for over 30 years and comes from a background of Health Care Administration and accreditation experience in both community and private sector hospitals and launching her own tourism business. Debe is a dynamic influencer with a passion for connecting people and business. Debe's Holiday Homes are: Cellitos on Smithsand Allure on Smiths

Liz Galloway has been involved within the tourism industry having lived within the Pacific Palms area for over 20 years. With a background in Web Development and Property Management Liz brings a wealth of creativity and holiday property management experience to the team. Liz's Holiday Homes are: Indigal Hacienda Grande and Rusty's Palace.

Vittoria Borazio, a local for the past 5 years, moved from Sydney after spending over 30 years working within Corporate Finance and Executive Management in Sydney, New York & London. Her passion for community and assisting business to grow has led her to be awarded NSW Finalist (Community & Government) in Telstra’s Business Women’s Awards in 2008. Vittoria's  Holiday Homes are: Lake View, La Vista Forster and Desiderata in Kangaroo Valley.

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