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Below are some quick answers to the most frequently asked questions for visitors to Pacific Palms & Seal Rocks.

Is Wifi Available In The Village?

Yes, at Kembali Café, Blueys Beach.

Where Can I Go Swimming?

Go to our Beaches page (under Activities) for a detailed description of local swimming beaches and suitability for your family. From this page you will also find first aid and water safety infomation.

How Can I Find Out About Fishing?

Go to our Outdoor page (under Activities) for fishing charter and local fishing businesses. Fishing licences can be purchased at local Service Stations and General Stores. Feel free to email or phone Debe on 0428544279 for local information. Debe and her husband spend a lot of time on all 3 lakes and are happy to answer any fishing or waterway questions.

Where Can I Walk My Dog?

There are designated off-leash areas and specific time periods in and around Pacific Palms. For information about off-leash areas go to our Maps page.

How Can I Find Pet Friendly Accommodation?

Search for accommodation under our Pet Friendly heading. 

Can I Hire A Kayak, Canoe or SUP Board & Where Can I Launch?

In our Outdoor section, there are a number of water-sport hire businesses.

Locally the most popular places to launch are at the boat ramps at:

  • Frothy Coffee for access to Smiths Lake via Amaroo Drive.
  • Recreation Club for access to Wallis Lake , on The Lakesway.
  • See below for all local boat ramps.

Where are the Boat Ramps?

  • Pacific Palms Boat Ramp. The Lakes Way (beside the Pacific Palms Recreation Club) - into Wallis Lake.
  • De Bert Reserve Boat Ramp. Amaroo Drive, Smiths Lake (beside Frothy Coffee Cafe) - into Smiths Lake
  • Brambles Reserve, The Lakesway,Tarbuck - into Smiths Lake
  • Neranie Bay. Seal Rocks Road, Bungwahl - into Myall Lake
  • Coomba Park Boat Ramp. Coomba Road - into Wallis Lake

See our Maps page for detailed location

Where Are The Public BBQS?

  • In the park just north of Elizabeth Beach Surf Club on Boomerang Drive.
  • At the north end of Boomerang Beach also on Boomerang Drive.
  • In the park at Frothy Coffee, Amaroo Drive, Smiths Lake.

Where Are The Picnic Tables?

  • In the park just north of Elizabeth Beach Surf Club on Boomerang Drive.
  • At the north end of Boomerang Beach also on Boomerang Drive.
  • In the park at Frothy Coffee, Amaroo Drive, Smiths Lake.
  • Sunset Park just north past the Pacific Palms Recreation Club on The Lakesway.
  • Brambles Reserve located on The Lakesway between Smiths Lake and Tarbuck Bay on the edge of Smiths Lake.
  • Boat Beach at Seal Rocks and opposite the General Store.

Where Are The Playgrounds for Kids?

  • Skate Parks
    • Smiths Lake - Paradise Drive (past the Bowling Club) .
    • Tuncurry – turn left after driving across the bridge on your right behind the buildings.
  • Playgrounds
    • Smiths Lake (Frothy Coffee) suits smaller children 2-10yrs of age.
    • At the Pacific Palms Community Centre next to the Recreation Club on The Lakesway at Pacific Palms. Again suits 2-10 yr olds.
  • Oval and free public tennis courts are located at the rear of Pacific Palms Public School in Karnang Drive, Boomerang Beach.

Where Are The Public Toilets?

  • In the park just north and adjacent to Elizabeth Beach Surf Club.
  • At the north & south end of Boomerang Beach.
  • At the south end of Blueys Beach.
  • In the park at Frothy Coffee Amaroo Drive, Smiths Lake.
  • Brambles Reserve located on The Lakesway between Smiths Lake and Tarbuck Bay on the edge of Smiths Lake.
  • Number One Beach at Seal Rocks.

Is Fuel Available?

  • Bungwahl General Store. The Lakesway, Bungwahl.
  • Riverside Co. The Lakesway, Charlotte Bay.
  • Oasis Caravan Park. Boomerang Drive, Blueys Beach.

Where Can I Go Wine Tasting?

At our local Great Lakes Paddocks. For more details visit our Wineries page. 

Where Can I Go For A Walk or Bike Ride?

For walking and BMX trails go to our Maps page for information about our local National Parks and walking trails.

Where Can I See A Kangaroo?

Small Wallabies can be seen in open paddocks and Sandbar Golf Course early mornings and often in late afternoons. You will also see them on the high side of Boomerang Drive near the local Doctors surgery. Larger Grey Eastern Kangaroos are seen daily in paddocks around Coomba Park when going for a drive. Keep your distance as they can get territorial and protective of their mob. View from your car.

Where is there Overnight Camping?

There three caravan parks in Pacific Palms, Elizabeth Beach, Bushland & Sandbar and Oasis Caravan and camping grounds. Seal Rocks area has Treachery Camping Ground and Reflections Holiday Park.

Can I Light A Camp Fire?

No fires are to be lit directly on the ground as we are surrounded by National Parks and bushland and fires must not be lit during dry, hot and windy conditions or when a total fire ban is in place.

For fire ban information click on  and click on North Coast area to see what todays rating is.

What If I Have A Medical Emergency?


PACIFIC PALMS - ForsterTuncurry Medical Centre

208 Boomerang Drive Blueys Beach Phone: 6554 0634 (less than 5 mins drive from most homes in Pacific Palms)

Check online booking availability or phone for apointment. Doctors available only at selected times.


105 High St Taree (1 hrs drive away) As you cross the bridge into Taree drive straight up the hill and its on the right.

Ph: 6592 9111


To speak to a Registered Nurse anytime Australia wide. Phone: 1800 022 222
This is great if you have sick kids at night.


South St Forster. No emergency or after hours care available.

Ph: 65551333

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